Rich Hill has been designing and building magic since 1978. An accomplished magician and illusionist himself, Rich first designed only for his own show, but after much prodding from fellow magicians, he decided to open the Illusionshop in 1997.

Consequently, Rich’s line of quality magic can now be found worldwide, and the sawdust is flying and the machines are kicking almost around the clock. 

Quality is Key

You’ll notice that Rich’s magic isn’t the cheapest out there. The reason? It’s some of the best quality magic that money can buy. Rich builds with the working professional in mind, and makes sure that the props can withstand the rigors of everyday use. High quality materials and workmanship are the most important elements in the props that come out of Rich Hill’s Illusionshop, and the fact that they are built “from the heart” is truly a plus.

Rich’s love of the art of magic gives his creations “that special something”…


This is a great word in our line of work….and Rich’s mission is to be sure that every prop he produces is made as deceptively as humanly possible. His illusions are some of the most impossible looking in the industry.

Check out the illusion page for some examples!

Turning your ideas into reality

Give Rich a call anytime at 812-322-9918 or click here to send him an email.  Always designing with “you” in mind, he’ll take you step by step through the process of turning your wonderful ideas into finished props that will last a lifetime!