Lance Richardson's

Shattered Reality

An absolute MIRACLE from the ingenious mind of Lance Richardson!

Hi Rich....prop arrived this afternoon, and its gorgeous.. you did an awesome job!  I appreciate your efforts and craftsmanship! - Dan Kuniak


shattered reality


A Mirror is inspected by the audience - it is absolutely real.  A cloth is placed

over the mirror, and a hammer is introduced.  You smash the mirror

to pieces - the spectators see the shards of glass fall to the floor.

You then pull back the cloth to show that the mirror has indeed been broken

and is no longer in the frame.  Cloth is placed back over the frame, and the pieces are gathered

up from the floor in a dropcloth. 

INSTANTLY the pieces of mirror VANISH into thin air, and the cloth is removed from the frame.


It just doesn't get any better than this...

shattered reality closeup image

Breaks down for packing - the stand comes apart in three pieces and

assembles with two bolts.  The prop assembles in less than a minute.

Stand is powdercoated Aluminum.  This piece is made to last a lifetime!


$1700.00 plus shipping

Custom ATA Road Case

$575.00 plus shipping


Your Shattered Reality is built custom for you.  Colors for the stand, cloth, and frame are up to you!

Please inquire about lead time and shipping costs.


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